Extending retinal screening beyond clinics with advanced AI

DeepDee is a Dutch medtech company deep learning process and delivery platform. We provide hardware-independent AI for reliable medical diagnosing of eye diseases.

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We are working on the SAAS to automate the processing of retinal images and eye conditions detection for:

  • Optician chains
  • General practitioners
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Telemedicine companies in eye care

Scientific results behind Deepdee AI

We use proprietary modeling workflow and algorithms. AI core can be integrated into clients’ systems with API, embedded in ophthalmic equipment or patients’ mobile device.

… and then, diagnose in less than 1 min with an average accuracy of 95%.


Role of AI in retinal desease diagnosis.

The difficulties of learning neural network (NN) to diagnose eye retina diseases.

Why using AI for
diagnosis is important.
H.G. Hans Lemij,
Ophthalmologist & Chief of staff,
Rotterdan eye hospital.

Key benefits

Optician stores

  • Client relationship improvement
  • Employee related savings
  • Huge business scalability


  • Screening savings
  • Time from Retinal Imaging to Diagnosis reduced Dramatically (minutes vs. days)
  • Early diagnosis


  • Cost reduction
  • Risk management
  • Decreased Operational costs

National health

  • 3x time lower screening costs
  • Simplified logistics
  • Healthy population
  • Cost reduction


The Rotterdam eye hospital glaucoma AI retina screening.

The unique initiative with Rotterdam Eye Hospital & Glaucoma prof. Hans Lemij.

A dataset of 100,000 images will be collected and classified by professionals, with a special attitude to quality control.

Retina screening by GPs.

The screening of the retina of diabetic patients to detect diabetic could be much easier, faster and cheaper if GPs could make use of a low cost and easy to use digital camera, service platform and artificial intelligence based algorithms.

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